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FF News: Wedding Planner causes death...

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 23, 2014 4:52 am    Post subject: FF News: Wedding Planner causes death... If a post contains some illegal issues you may abuse on it - just click Abuse and fill the form Reply with quote

Malaysian Aircraft CRASHES IN BRAZIL...

by Zurika Klaasen

(8 August 2014--FF News) Almost s i x months since the

disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, Malaysian

Airlines are 'holding their hearts,' with pain for the

hundreds of passengers who crashed into

the cold South

Atlantic coast of Brazil.

"The plane was destined to reach Beijing from

Kuala Lum Pur, and whilst

en route towards Beijing the plane had flew off course,

crashing into

the bitter South Atlantic."

noted Sergeant Adam Lowenski.

Lowenski, A Brazalian Aviation specialist told

Footprints in Rio De Janiero,

that the plane had probably

crashed on that fatal

evening on March 9 2014.

"The planes destination got lagged with the computer,

after Pilot B had fallen asleep, whilst his co-pilot enjoyed

song and dance with cock-tail waitresses."

According to BBC, the plane had an estimated

239 passengers,

and whilst in flight above 20 000 m,

the captain had said

"Good night,

See you in the morning," and there was never

a morning to be

heard about."

Mr. Xi Lee, a Beijing resident says that his brother was on

the flight, and lived in pain whilst the s e a r c h was on.

"The police had questioned my father about my brother,

people said it was a Chinese terrorist attack, and am livid,

that he is dead." he was interpreted as saying.

South Korean Engineer, Mr. Xinping Pong, noted to Asia

News, that it was more than 90

days that the mystery

of the missing flight became a 'hope no more...'

"When we discovered the remains of the jet,

we knew it was

the airliner that went missing in March.

We are grateful

to have found the wreckage, and pray

for the people

who died."

Thumbnail 5:40
Mohabat Ho na jaye--kasoor

Minister of Aviation and Aircraft for Malaysia,

Mr. Hoosein Abdul Rahman,

says that the plane

was rumored to be swallowed by the

wolf of the sea, The Bermuda Triangle.

"The Brumuda Triangle, near Florida, is the deadliest

wolf in the sea, and we had estimated

that the plane

had crashed near Florida.

With the discovery of the planes

remains, and the footage studied,

we have learn't to employ

staff who understand the risk

of risking people's lives."

President of China Mr. Xi Jinping added by

saying that

the 'global community,' was distraught that

Malaysia had cheated

Chinese residents an opportunity

for a better tomorrow...

"We should l e a r n from this incident

not to fake degrees

to become pilots. We should be

responsible in our work

ethics and brotherhood,

and this disaster is a disaster that

waited to happen, because of our

slovenliness to protect

our people." he was quoted

as saying on China TV.

Footprints Filmworks video galleries
Thumbnail 9:09
99 Names of Allah - Owais Raza Qadri

Over 31 country's had joined in the support

to find the missing

plane, and while millions of residents were

quoting where the plane,

might off gone off track, many had given

up hope after the 90

day search for the crew.

"We are living in the 21st Century, and not to

find a plane today,

would be like the biggest mystery. If you use

Google MAPS, you

would be able to track and monitor

any plane around the world." says Google

Ceo Mr. Stanley


The South African Sun, concluded on

their website that

the findings of these remains of flight MH370,

is no

mystery at all, because they had studied

the route of

the plane, and checked the weather, and

worked out

which directed she might off crashed.

"She had crashed probably around 3:33 am,


the Earth's Ocean, at over 128KM per

second, and

was found sunken by divers swimming

the coral

reefs of Brazil."

Donate a blanket, Donate a doctor,
Donate, Donate, Donate...!

by Farah Ebrahim

(27 August 2014--FF News) The Somalian community of

Otterbera says that the village is in dire need for resources

from the global community-crying, waiting, and

hoping for

a better future of The African Continent...

"We do not have food in our stomachs, our school roofs

are leaking, our quality of our education is poor,

and we

are walking bare foot trying to generate an income

for our families." says Minister of Somalian Food and


Speaking to Footprints in Otterbera, the minister

gasps at the idea that international leaders

should 'dig-deeper,'

into their pockets by supporting and loving

the country...

"Our people are dying from lack of medical treatment,

Somalia has the lowest income level in the world,

and people's lives are somewhat tainted by constantly

being hungry." said a reporter.

Somalia News, says that President Hassan Sheik Mohamoud

had declared an international plea to his government and

members stating to cabinet members that the

country requires

$400 million dollars within the next

eight months, or the country

could face a 'plague,' causing death

in the millions.

"We are at a crisis scenario,

where our banks have


their power and resources,

our food supplies are at

the lowest,

and our children are dying by

the minute." he adds.

African Union leader Mr. Thabo Mbeki says

that his government

and people had supported the likes

of Somalia by donating

a sum of R15 million rand to

residents of Otterbera..

"Our government has given the

money to the community

without even thinking. If our nations

are in support

of local and international brotherhood,

we will always

be there to lend a gesture.."

Thumbnail 3:13
Hannah Montana Who said With Lyrics

Minister of Housing and Homes for Somalia,
Mr. Otega Ottawa, noted
to CNBC that this international plea
by the president was to infuse
proper structure and infrastructure
in the leading government..

"The country's education is below pare,
and whilst
millions of residents are uneducated,
we require
the support of African leaders
to unite and support

The Bank of England said in a statement that they had
offered a share of 28% in the rebuilding of the instrasture
of Somalia, amid penalty interest payments...

"We are not willing to just give the money for the sake
of unity, we are willing to innovate Somalia, to that we
own percentage agreements in the rebuilding of
their people, politics and powerful mechanical

Minister of Education, in South Africa, Mrs. Angie Motshekija
says that their bid to support Somalia was the refinement of

"We are the leading African, and as South
African's we have forked R15 million rand from Mr. Mbeki and
a further R200 million rand from businessmen, who see
the need to help fellow African's for the sake of brotherhood."

The Muslim Brotherhood who sent an e-mail to Footprints in
Johannesburg, thanking the organization for the accumulated
givings to Somalia.

"We have set a team of 209 doctors, builders,
and other handymen to rebuild Somalia, using our
know how and skills." the organization noted.

Dr. Pamela Wilson, from The Doctors Association of
Business says that their donation to Somalia of 12 doctors,
was to create a balance of power in Africa, and the helping
of Somalia will allow South Africa to remain the international
leader in Africa...

"When our nations around us fall down, we as South African's
should look at ourselves with 'new-eyes,' and empower..."

Managing Director of Simms & Twins, Mr. Christoper Areed, says
that he will be visiting Somalia in coming days, and his team
of friends will be creating feeding schemes, giving away blankets
and other 'awesome-gestures,' to empower the country.

"I own a business in Zimbabwe, and reading and
hearing about
this fiasco in Somalia, has pleaded me
to fly down, and support
the bony children of Somalia,
and be their father who was never
there, their mother who died at a young age,
or their inspiration
to never say die.."

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Ferrari Championship draws thousands...!

by Ferrial Mahomed

(17 August 2014--FF News) The South African

community was

in for a surprise earlier this afternoon, as thousands of residents

had queued as early as 5: am, for the annual

Ferrari Championship

held at the Kyalami Race Track, near Pretoria...

"I had purchased tickets from Sunrise to watch

Gabriel Nkosi come

out 1st...It's a pity his Spider was too slow around

the bends."

says Miss. Sapphire Botha, a PTA North resident...

Speaking to Footprints in Pretoria, local driver

Mr. Anton Schmidt

says that he had hired The Ferrari Scuderia to race the

8KM track,

totaling 88 laps.

"I had sat with my manager the entire of the l a s t week


to cap the market during the laps 40-60, pushing


pressing around

the bends and straight line speeds."

Mrs. Amina Rasool, another local resident says that

her husband

had lent her the new Ferrari vehicle as she often

practiced driving

the Ferrari on the local highway, but today was the

day, the glea

of her horsepower would show...

"I started 17th on the grid, and ended up on 12th

position, so

it was okay, amid the concerns of driving in the rain..

During the 8th

lap, when it started pouring, I had to change

my lyres to slicks,

so that the roads are not too skiddy."

The Kyalami Race community had a special prayer for

deceased Michael

Schumacher who passed a w a y in April 2014;

"When I drive my Ferrari, I always have this inner gut

feeling to show

my appreciation to the legend in Michael..When I was

purchasing my

sports vehicle in 2005, I had remembered

Schumachers thoughts about

the treasured horse brand..." added a local

Waterkloof resident.

Ferrari is an Italian sports car manufacturer in Maranello.


in 1929, by Mr. Enzo Ferrari, the manufacturer has

become a leading

brand internationally showcasing 'businessmen

who know what they want..."

"Driving a Ferrari is like making love to the most beautiful

woman created

by God, and sliding through the highways of South Africa

allows the brand

to show torque on the road." joked Johan Wessels,

a Johannesburg resident...

Thumbnail 1:27
Ferrari Enzo vs
Ferrari Enzo - Drag Race! Footprints Filmworks

The Racing Express, who spoke to avid sports fanatic Mr.

Johannes Sekoti,

says that he had started the race in 4th position and

dropped to l a s t

position because he was a fool not to change his lyres

and by making

wrong stops..

"I had fueled my vehicle to last until the 29th lap,

until I refuel, and

whilst everyone was making pit stops around

the tenth lap due to

the rain, I continued and dropped as my

stragedy was way out."

Miss. Anita Kruger from The Free State says that

she started

driving at the tender age of nine when her father

would give

her odd jobs to ride the harvester and slough

the fields...

"After driving my first farm vehicle, I began

drag racing on

the muddy roads at about 18...I then entered

the international

Red Bull competition but could only race Pinroy carts.

When this

offer of 30 Ferrari's skidding across the

Kyalami Race Track presented itself, I immediately enrolled."

she gasped.

Race winner Mr. Herman Jacobs noted to

Footprints in Pretoria,

that he had started the race on 7th position and

had won the race

because his manager had advised him to start his

Ferrari with a low

consumption, and pit during the 14th lap...

"This worked out perfectly, because my

vehicle was light within

the first few laps and allowed me to jump to

3rd position when

I had to pit...Whilst the others were on

high fuel and had to make

a forced pit because of the rain, when

I entered the pit stop,

I filled up, changed my lyres and returned

to join the pack in the

lead...From there on, I just had to press

the mechanical engine

of The Ferrari Enzo, to win the race."

Race sponsors, Footprints Filmworks, Nedbank,

Tabloid Media

and H20 said that they were happy with the

outcome of

the event and come next year, The All new

Ferrari S320 Scuderia

will be released...

"From what we have heard about the design, torque, formulae

and engine capacity will make this 500KM/H vehicle worth

talking about on and off the road." said Ceo of H20, Mr.

Afzal Bhamjee...

Whigfield - Sexy Eyes
(Stevie's Amen UK Edit) with Footprints Filmworks

Wedding Planner causes
of an innocent child...

by Tracy Mcdonald

(9 August 2014--FF News) Whilst the r e s t of the country is

enjoying a festive Woman's Day, celebrating the incentives

of women, a local Roshnee woman faces charges of

misrepresentation, fraud, defective product and manslaughter

reported The Roshnee Sun.

According to The Roshnee Sun, a local con artist Miss. Kulsum

Moola advertised in the local paper her leading company

Decadent Dreams.

"She had advertised that she owns a wedding

planning business

and wanted clients for her business in the area's of

wedding dress

design, catering, hall decorating and food preparation."


the newspaper.

Father of The Bride and prominent businessman

Mr. Akber Sayed

says that he had paid Decadent Dreams a sum of

R400 000 for the entire wedding...

"We are a large family and she gave me her word

that she

will get my daughter and son-in-law married..

We had paid her

in cash during the course of the month,

and promised that a

guest list of 1000 will be provided for, my

daughters dress would

be designed, and we chose a turquoise and silver

wedding theme.

She had claimed to organize two white horses

and a cart,

so when the guests arrive they will be

escorted to the main

hall by horse."

"Marriage is something not to be messed

around with. When you

give your word to the families that everything

will be good and glamorous,

they expect it, not the total opposite."

said a guest.

According to Police Station Commander,

Mr. Nalesh Singh,

he says that the father had laid a complaint

to the police

on the charges of misrepresentation, fraud and

other charges.

"We can confirm that she had only cooked for

600 guests,


the material used for the wedding dress was


She further made

misrepresentation when a child had eaten her

decadent dessert and


"When you plan a marriage between two people

who love each other,

everything has to be 100%...We organized a beautiful

tea garden

as a location with swan birds and ducks, and she

messed it up, all

because of her faulty attitude and know how

about weddings." noted

mother of the bride Mrs. Zainub Sayed.

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Thumbnail 1:55:52
Top 20 Wedding Songs |Jukebox| - Full Version (HQ)

Mrs. Aneesa Seedat told Footprints in Roshnee, that every

woman dreams

of marrying her 'PrinCe Charming,' and when Ebrahim walked

into her life,

she begged and pleaded with her family to get married...

"I am a good woman and protected myself for the man I marry...

I never

dated, I never kissed anyone. When Ebrahim came strolling

along, I knew

he was the guy, with his hazel eyes,

and curvy hair. When we decided

to get married three months ago, my father

agreed to pay for everything...It

so happened that this Kulsoom, had destroyed my

dream day."

Sitting in her cell at The Brixton Police

Station, Miss. Moola

told The Brixton Times, that she was

short changed during

the preparation of the wedding and is

sorry a child is not

alive because of her...

"Little Adam could of been alive today,

and because of me he is

dead. The father of the bride wants his

money back, I will gladly

pay him back and luckily my business is insured for public

liability in

the case if anyone dies from the food I supply."

she gnawed.

Mr. Ebrahim Seedat concluded his statement to

The Roshnee Sun,

that he had planned on planting a son in the evening,

instead he has

to live with his wife's complaints about the wedding...

"Not only is the wedding day a dream day for the bride,

it was for me

too, and when the staff told us that there was no food left,

the curtain

designs started falling off after guests entered and the

stretching mike systems, perhaps we should just be

happy that some

day, we will have our children awesome tales to

tell of their parents."

Thumbnail 3:22
Shania Twain - You're Still The One with
Footprints Filmworks

Mediation the art of perfection...!!!

by Juanelle Simpson

(18 August 2014--FF News) Whether you have tens

of meetings per day, lead a hectic lifestyle or just

are a hobo

living in a village town in India, the art of mediation is

your answer to financial success, freedom, dreams and


"Mediation is the art of silence and imagination...When one

becomes in tune with ones mind, body and spirit, this is when

things start to leapfrog." says New Delhi resident Mr. Amrish Khan...

Khan says that they are not wealthy people, amid his fleet of four

wives and sixteen children.

"We all live together in one house, everyone

gets along just fine,

but sometimes the tension and stress in the

longhouse can cause

my brain to make incorrect decisions...

That's why, I sit alone,

every single night in our prayer room,

mediate, pray and get

in touch with God."

Social Billionaire, Mr. Rajan Tata says that whilst most people

will say that he has dollar signs in his eyes, his body energy is

well-balanced to attract the right aura...

"Normally, between meetings, I just take a

chance out, to

go to the office in the corner, ask for non

disturbance, close

my eyes, and see what I want to achieve

for the day...It's

my time, where I take time out...I either

speak to God directly,

or ask for his guidance with my dreams,

desires, decisions and


Speaking to Footprints in New Delhi, Imaam Mohammed

Abdul Moosa says that one hour of mediation is equal to

seven years of worship...

"The beauty about the mind is that it works

best in silence. When

your mind is silent, all the universe and her

contents are yours...Very

often, here in mosque, we preach to our

residents to pray to The Lord

sincerely, but also remember Allah in our


Guru, Satish Naidoo, from The Temple of

Chatsworth says

that he often mediates and uses the single

most powerful

phrase in the world "AUM."

"AUM, is the greatest calling of God's name,

and if we repeat his

name 1000, 2000, 5000 times per day, we

will see our lives much

stronger, and the quality of the relationships that

we attract,

much deeper.."

Thumbnail 4:27
Om Jai Jagdish Hare
( Golden voice of
Lata Mangeshkar ) Footprints Filmworks

Motivational Speaker and author, Mr. Anthony Robbins writes in his

book, Awaken The Giant Within, that more

and more residents

of the global community are taking

'time-out,' to reflect and clean

out their minds...

"Very often we come back from work,

from a busy day,

and we don't allow our mind to peculate

what we could of

did better, plan to reorganize our lost

investments, and dump

what is not needed in the trash can...

We have to do daily

'weeding,' in order for our minds and

hearts to be razor sharp."

Local Melbourne resident, Mrs. Laura Greeb told

The Saturday Star, that the art of meditation attracted

her the right job, the right partner and the right children...

"Not long ago, I found myself 31 years old, without a job

and someone to love...I took the advice of the

local father at

church, and I put my mind into attracting a million dollar

cheque per annum, I put my mind into attracting a man

who loves me for who I am, I put my mind into attracting

an abundance of health, wealth and wisdom...Today, my

husband and I have a lavish home in Melbourne and let's

just say sometimes we get too mushy whilst making out."

Another resident who spoke to

Footprints in Rome, added

by saying that the power of the mind

is unconscionable.

"God has the power to give us anything

we choose out of life,

and I am a true believer in this...

A couple of months back, my accountant

had informed me, that if we don't push

up sales within the next three

months, the business might shut down..

I own a restaurant business,

and normally at most, you would have

about six to eight guests...


putting my trust in God, used by visualization

techniques where I want

to see the business by August, it was all

achieved before time..

I say it

over and over to the people I interact with,

that the mind is the most

powerful tool of the human body,

use it, or it will destroy your inner


About 75,800 results for Footprints Filmworks

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